Never could I have imagined that I would be painting boarded-up storefronts in response to a global pandemic, but here we are.

Seattle has turned into a drive-by art gallery in just a matter of weeks. Ratty plywood boards covering our favorite storefronts are being turned into what feel like pieces of history, and I am honored to be a part of that transformation. These uncertain times are impacting each one of us differently and a lot of people are looking for ways to help. The least I can do is throw some paint up on a few boards around town to try and make someone’s day a teeny bit brighter.

The feedback us artists are receiving from these pieces is very humbling and rewarding, but honestly I don’t think anyone is in it for the praise. Art is powerful, and in these times it can act as a reminder that we are here to help each other, and that we will get through this together. Here’s hoping these messages remind you to stay positive, stay safe, and above all else, call your mom.